Avian Bird Flu Preparation & Survival

Preparing for a possible avian bird flu pandemic is very important. You can be sure that flu antiviral drugs, and protective flu masks will be impossible to source once a pandemic starts. Basic supplies and essential services are highly likely to be disrupted as well.

The WHO website states this:

Supplies of vaccines and antiviral drugs – the two most important medical interventions for reducing illness and deaths during a pandemic – will be inadequate in all countries at the start of a pandemic and for many months thereafter. Inadequate supplies of vaccines are of particular concern, as vaccines are considered the first line of defense for protecting populations. On present trends, many developing countries will have no access to vaccines throughout the duration of a pandemic.

Important Note: Currently there is no bird flu vaccine available for the H5N1 virus although vaccine development is underway. Research studies to test a vaccine began in April 2005.

Your bird flu preparation should focus on the following key areas:

  • Stock up on Flu Antiviral Drugs if possible
  • Stock up on Bird Flu Masks
  • Get your Emergency Supplies in order
  • Get Healthy& boost your Immune System

Bird flu antiviral drugs